iON Camera Commercial Featuring Manny Santiago 30/06/2013

Lil Wayne Skate Session 03/05/2013

Shout out to Tunechi for rolling out to skate in the OC.

Lewis Marnell R.I.P. 21/01/2013

Getting AWSM with Ryan Decenzo 18/01/2013

Wishing Ryan Decenzo a speedy recovery, hope this new AWSM Brand ad cheers you up buddy!

My Friend, Van Wastell 15/10/2012

CCS Catalog Cover 10/09/2012

Here is the new CCS Catalog cover with a photo of Ryan Sheckler that I shot.

Wheelz! 30/08/2012

Chaz Ortiz Alli Show 29/07/2012

The most recent Alli Show that I got to produce with Chaz Ortiz in Chicago.

Classic Clips #55 19/07/2012


  • Got lined up real quick @debonair_sandiego thanks Andy, they even have a @prod84 gold @primitiveskate deck on the wall for good measure!
  • 🌅
  • The man, the myth, the legend #true
  • One more video from last night @erick_sermon ... " Peace to Keith Murray.. ("just like music")
To keep me flowin and keep me goin
And keep me growin, and keep me the E from knowin
What happens out there, is not my concern" #ericksermon #epmd
  • #DMX killed it tonite! Literally shutdown the #mastersofceremony reunion concert in LA. Walked into the crowd, overstayed his set, had the mic shutoff on him then threw the mic into the crowd. Then carried on as if he had a microphone in his hand. with what one could call a rant about His show was entertaining to say the least! So hyped! #ruffryders Right @krrrrrrolick @kevinwstrick
  • And I'd have to say today was a good day... Name the city...
  • #spaceinvadersundsy #spaceinvadersandiego #spaceinvader
  • How did I miss @ritasicehb opening??? We are blowing it @cortizphoto
  • Happy anniversary babe @krrrrrrolick Love you always! #wemadeit
  • You guys know... @o_m_k @buckylasek #faidleyseafood
  • It was a great time @wawa ! Until next time... #Wawa
  • Congrats to my man @buckylasek on his first @dewtour bowl win! #buckyeah #buckselfie
  • Caption this....
Guess how many #Terabytes are in this bad boy?
  • #Trailerlife
  • The real #timelapse I shot on @ioncamera for @dewtour
  • A test timelapse on the @ioncamera #AirPro3
  • Congrats @krrrrrrolick on graduating from The Art Institute ! All your hard work paid off! So proud of you babe!
  • Filmed a little test clip with @mannyslaysall using @officialsteadicam and @sonyprousa #fs700 with 16-35mm #Canon lense.
  • Hear me roar... Rigby. #PennyRigby #longhairchihuahua #chihuahua
  • Penny just doing what she does best. #PennyRigby | #Longhairchihuahua #chihuahua #dog


Born and raised in the heart of the east coast, Trenton, NJ. Upon finishing school, I packed up and traveled west until I hit California in the year 2000. I have been residing in Orange County for the past 9 years. Skateboarding, music and life are my favorite things to document. If it's not fun, is it really worth doing?