iON Camera Commercial Featuring Manny Santiago 30/06/2013

Lil Wayne Skate Session 03/05/2013

Shout out to Tunechi for rolling out to skate in the OC.

Lewis Marnell R.I.P. 21/01/2013

Getting AWSM with Ryan Decenzo 18/01/2013

Wishing Ryan Decenzo a speedy recovery, hope this new AWSM Brand ad cheers you up buddy!

My Friend, Van Wastell 15/10/2012

CCS Catalog Cover 10/09/2012

Here is the new CCS Catalog cover with a photo of Ryan Sheckler that I shot.

Wheelz! 30/08/2012

Chaz Ortiz Alli Show 29/07/2012

The most recent Alli Show that I got to produce with Chaz Ortiz in Chicago.

Classic Clips #55 19/07/2012


  • Had to do it #TigerCamo #Rosherun #Roshe #NYC | @teamroshe
  • This goes out to MCs who used to rock in Washington Square Park
Now Giuliani got it locked after dark, so we mastered the art....
  • Good to catch up with my man @antclaravall for lunch. This is the guy who made it possible for my first clips in #411VM Glad to see you still living the skateboard dream after all these years!
  • This picture looks like #Gonz was sleeping but I promise he was killing it with the rest of the dudes @dewtour So hyped!
  • @realcoleworld put on a good show as usual tonite @dewtour #Brooklyn | thanks @theotisb for the 📷 #jcole
  • @questlove coming through with a proper DJ set @dewtour
  • @invaderwashere
  • #Heavy
  • Happy #Realaversary babe @krrrrrrolick
  • ....all the people
Living for today...
  • Sometimes I rhyme quick sometimes I rhyme slow, I was on ....
  • #Represent , represent
  • #CameraPrep 2 bags ☑️
  • #DTLA 7:05pm
  • 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌅
  • #SantaAna #America
  • #TBT #VanWastell Ollie 2006 | #sanfernandovalley | 6 years ago tomorrow Van moved on to a better place. Rest In Peace buddy! You are in our hearts forever | #myfriendvan #myfriendvanwastell
  • @rileysfarm76 🍎 picking with @krrrrrrolick !
  • #PennyRigby #NationalDogDay #DogDay #longhairchihuahua #chihuahua


Born and raised in the heart of the east coast, Trenton, NJ. Upon finishing school, I packed up and traveled west until I hit California in the year 2000. I have been residing in Orange County for the past 9 years. Skateboarding, music and life are my favorite things to document. If it's not fun, is it really worth doing?